1979 Senior Banquet
Top 2 Are New
Huguette and Andre Feghali
Renee Updike, Julee Updike, Huguette Feghali, Andre Feghali
Robin Hall (seated), Frank Navone and Mary Mannix (standing), Jim Pirozzolo, and Laurie
Diane Savino, Myra Rosenberg, Liz Bellinger, Terese Agan (with camera), Barb Bravo,
David Miller, Greg Malanoski, and Paula Herrick (on right)
Senior Banquet - Nancy Brennan, Paula Herrick, Debbie Savino
Wavalen Aronsen, Mary Ann Hogg, and Betsy Cole
Sue Nichol and Vicki Woods
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(l to r) Barb Schmidt, Jane Distelhurst, Elizabeth Cole, and
Mary McInerny