Lisa Watkins
Angela Watkins
Cora Myles
Phyllistine Laurey
Mary Beth Prechtl
Sally Brown, Claire Castellino, and Susan Finley. I do believe Claire is saying
"no picture."
Joy Parker, Barb Schmidt, and Pam Price
Robyn Hart and Robin Prettyman
Pam Price and Myra Rosenberg
Katrina Swan and Kathy Kilcoyne
Pam (Price) Kimball, Laurie Stewart, and Brad Kimball
Jeff Bailey
Holly Hartman (at right) with her daughter
Jon Kelafant and Janet Nathenson
Kevin Sullivan and Sally Brown
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Marianne (Asher) Cain and Mike Cain
Mary Mannix, Tim Taylor, and Dave Bartholomew
Melinda Steed and Pam Price. The mixer and the company made us, well,
downright giddy!
Orlando Mustico and Fran Lucci.
Terese Agan and Joy Parker