Paula Herrick and Paul Feeny, who transferred to Syracuse in 1978
Betsy Biroscak and Anita Pirozzolo before things got crazy at the mixer.
Angela McGee and Betsy Cole
Dolores (DD) Cardone, Katherine Steele and Anita Pirozzolo
Don Claypool (foreground) and Rick Robinson (background)
Rick Robinson, Jim Evans, and Terry Evans
Tim Taylor and Killer!, Kathy Kilcoyne
Robin Hall
Bob Potter, Yvonne Albee, and Larry Albee
Dale Garbett, John Eustace, Mary Ann Gordon (Randy Gordon's Wife)
Randy Gordon, Sally Martyniak, and Robbie Martyniak
Frank Carey, Mark Nunn, Randi (Samuels) Nunn, and Mary (Mannix) Carey
Kelly Hughes, Chip Hughes, and Kevin Sullivan. Tim Crout in background
Steve Homerda, Laurie Stewart, and Terese Agan
Laurie Grosvenor, Julie Hamlin, and Sue Stowell
Tim Taylor and Jon Kelafant
Brent Mitchell (faculty, track coach) and Fran Lucci
Rick Robinson and Antoine Delaforterie
Pam Touschner, Mark Talboys, and Laurie Pariso
Stefani Rinde and Chris Hobler
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