Mary and Jim Pirozzolo
Myra Rosenberg and Katherine Steele
Mark Talboys, Pam Touschner, and Laurie Pariso
Susan Finley
Dawn Rehak shows off her award
Julie Hamlin and Laurie Grosvenor
John Luther and Myra Rosenberg
Janet Nathenson, Randy Ferreira , and Julie (Updike) Ferreira
Pam Price, John Stone, and Cheryl (Preucil) Stone
Wavalen (Aronson) Ferro and Jon Ferro
Bev Schoonover snaps a picture of.....Bev Schoonover
Mary Mannix and Melinda Steed
Dave Short and Jon Kelafant
Eileen Moran, Mary Mannix, and Melinda Steed
Robin Hall and Jim Pirozzolo
Katherine and Antoine Delaforterie
Eileen Moran and Frank Carey
David Bartholomew and Julie Hamlin.........they remind me of someone from the late
'70's, but I can't quite..............
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Fran Lucci, Rick Robinson, Brian Colburn, and Chip Hughes (Mike
Mouzon in background)