Pictures from "Ted" Graham Sale
Tod Elkins and Ted ready to play golf at Soaring Eagles.
Ted Sale, David Short, Andrew Streeter going to Sr. Day Dinner
Ted Sale and Dave Llewellyn ('78) making faces in the photo booth at Eldridge Park
c. 1971 - Tom Norton ('78), Rick Norton, Tom Horrigan, and Ted Sale
Tom Wingert, Ted Sale, girl from Horseheads, Cathy Vardakis. Winter Prom
or Junior Prom.
Sr. Day Chris Hobler, Ken Gibson and Ted Sale decorate Chris' car. Ken watches
Ted draw a picture of something Ted's mother wouldn’t let them put on the car in
front of Ted's house – they had to drive several blocks away.
Fall '77 - Rick Norton, Ted Sale, and Chris Hobler.