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Miami, October 2005 - David Strickland (lower left) and Tom Rathbun (upper right) meet for
the first time in years.
April 2005 - Amy Dulberg standing in front of EFA for the first time since 1978
April 2005, Elmira - Amy Dulberg and Jane Distelhurst
April 2005, Elmira - Celia Pariso and Amy Dulberg
March 2005, Northern California - Virginie Delaforterie (who lives in Oregon) and Amy Dulberg meet thanks to!
February 2005 - New York City (maiden names, left to right). Bev Schoonover, Eileen
Moran, Pam Price, Betsy Bucher, and Marilyn Lynch
Todd Thomas and Barbara Borrelli meet following Todd's
performance in VERDIS MACBETH with the Syracuse Opera
(Todd sang the title role) in Syracuse New York. -
May 2003
As luck would have it, I'm not the only '79 graduate living in Albany,
NY. That's me (Tim Taylor) having lunch with Michelle Crew in
Albany. -
November 2003
In Laguna Beach, CA, 1979 EFA Track Team members Tim Taylor and Joe
Ford meet for the first time since1982. Sorry, the car was a showpiece for the
restaurant and isn't owned by either of us. -
September, 2003
Connecticut - April 2008                                                  
Left to right:
Back:  Pam Price, Marilyn Lynch, Janet Nathenson, Beverly Schoonover
Front: Eileen Moran, Betsy Bucher
Chicago - April 2011                                                  
Left to right, maiden names
Marilyn Lynch, Mary Mannix, Janet Nathenson, Betsy Bucher, Pam Price,Eileen Moran,
Melinda Steed, Beverly Schoonover, Susan Harrigan
Skaneateles, NY - September 2011,
left to right, maiden names
Laurie Grosvenor, Claire Castellino, Randi Samuels, Stefani Rinde, Marianne Asher
Todd Thomas and me at Todd's Elmira Recital, November 2012