These are classmates who we have no contact information for. If you have an e-mail address,
physical address, or phone number, please e-mail it to

Names added for our 30th reunion are in bold
Angel Hooks
Bernadette Dickinson
Bob Belmonte
Clara Lovell
Connie Henline
Dawn Meade
Dean Webster
Debbie Luevanos
Della Peters
Dennis Hunsinger
Gerald Blanchard
Herman Woodsworth
Jackie Welles
James Brooks
Kenneth Carpenter
Kevin Gilliam
Kim Watts
Laura Johnson
Lee Neily
Lewis Lowman
Lisa Fields
Lucinda Smith
Mark Fisher
Mary Donahue
Melvin Miles
Michael Fries
Minnie Livermore
Mitch Barnes
Nancy Brennen
Pamela Whitson
Patricia Freeman
Penny Southard
Ralph Parker
Ray Lynn Lauper
Regina Williams
Renee Fuller
Robert Cain
Robert Foulk
Ronald Hoffman
Rosemary Ruth
Stephen Hooper
Steve Eckert
Tim Christensen
Tina Wheeler
Tom Evans
Tom Rathbun
Vicki Harris