1973 Huck Finn Little League Yearbook
Bruce Stayments, first row, third from right.
First Row: Brian Colburn (first on left), John Glover (second from right),
Second Row: Last three players on right are Scott Gush, Steve Turner ('80), and Chuck Sinsabaugh
Front Row: Bob Belloma (second from right)
Back Row: "Ted" Graham Sale (third from left), Tim Taylor (third from right)
First Full Row:                    Marty McInerny ('80, first on left), Stephen Hooper (second from left)
Back Row, first two on left:   Tim Noto ('80), Brian McInerny ('81)
Front Row:     Rick Nassar (third from right)
Back Row:      Bob McGinnis and Rick Norton (first two players on left)
Back row: Mike Cirulli (send from left). Coach is Chuck Rundell ('75)