Amy (Lovell) Lewis

I graduated from SUNY @ Buffalo with a BA in Communications.  I returned to the Elmira area
and worked in the Advertising Department of Iszard's for many years.  During that time, I met
my husband Jim.  He moved down to Dallas, Texas shortly after we met.  After a long distance
courtship we married and I moved to Dallas.

We lived in the Dallas/Fort Worth area for 3 years, until our son was born in 1990.  We
immediately moved back to the Elmira/Horseheads area because we couldn't imagine raising a
child in a big city.  Our families are both from this area and we decided to raise our children here
where we would be closer to our families.  We settled in our current house in Millport in 1991
after the birth of our daughter.  Jim owns his own business, I am a full time Secretary in
Horseheads.  Our children attend the Horseheads Middle School.  We are currently refurbishing
my husband's family house on Prospect Hill and plan to move into the house in December 2003.  
We are active as volunteers in the community - my husband coaches youth league basketball and
softball, I am a Girl Scout volunteer.  

We really loved our time in Dallas, but we returned to our roots to give our children the same
type of small-town upbringing that we enjoyed.
Amy (Dulberg) Glennon (left after sophmore year)

After my life was torn apart in November 2004 with the death of my loving husband Steve,  I
resigned from my job at The Sacramento Bee Newspaper and sold our home.  Realizing there
really wasn’t anything left for me in California and my oldest daughter had just had my 1st
grandson William Steven (Who we call Steven) in August, luckily Steve got to see his 1st
grandchild before his death. In March I moved to Arizona to be near my daughter Courtney, she
married on my old wedding anniversary (March 3rd) and I bought a new home here. I had
contacted The Arizona Republic Newspaper prior to my move here and was hired to manage
their Classifies Advertising department in April.  Also in April, I met a man who was visiting from
Calif. for a golf trip,  he sat down next to me and introduced himself by saying “my name is Paul
Glennon and I think your beautiful” (Great pick up line!) Nervously I introduced myself and we
talked, he went to have dinner with his friends and asked me to wait for him, we went and talked
some more and found out we lived within 15 miles of each other for over 15 years, our last
names were almost identical, his ex-wife and Steve’s ex wife had the name 1st and middle name,
his ex’s madden name is my sister’s married name and we had almost identical back surgeries! I
met him the next night again for a few hours and then he went back to CA. We emailed and
talked for the next 6 weeks and met in Disneyland for his birthday in June. Love had come to me
again, Paul was planning on transferring in March and moving here, but we couldn’t wait any
longer so in August he left his job and moved here and got rehired by the same company (Sara
Lee). We married December 28th 2007 with all of our children by our side. Needless to say my
kids wanted to hate him but they all fell in love with him.  So we now blended 3 families, as
Steve’s children will always be mine. Our family is growing my 2nd grandson by Courtney now
26,  Zachary was born in February,  Corey now 25 is in the Navy, Ryan now 21 is expecting his
1st baby in August, Katie now 19 got married in October, Brittany (Paul’s daughter) 19 as well
goes to UC Davis and the youngest Taylor will be 14 in March. Paul’s and Steve’s Children live
in California and we see them often, Katie and her husband Anthony are planning on moving
here in March.  I left the advertising industry in September and we bought a franchise "Maui
Wowi Hawaiian Coffee and Smoothies", which will open in late February!  Life has changed
dramatically for me since Steve’s death. I appreciate every second and all the things you take for
granted in life. I feel truly blessed to have been given a second chance at love and am very lucky
to have the most incredible children to have supported me through this whole ordeal without
them I don’t think I would have survived! Looking forward to seeing everyone in 2009!
Barbara Ellis (Transferred to Ithaca High in 1978)

First of all the last 25 years has been rough but yet blessed one. I've alot of traveling from
Baltimore to Houston Texas. Right now I live in Rochester, NY and I have an eight year old son.
I had him at a late age. So no more for me! (smile) I'm blessed and highly favored in the Lord! I
work at a managing company that pays really well.
Betsy (Bucher) Maguire

After graduating from EFA, I went to Boston College where I majored in Computer Science.  In
the beginning of my senior year, a fellow student who lived across the hall knocked on my door
to borrow ice.  We chatted, he left and I told my roommate, “I’d like to marry a guy like that.”  
Three years later, I did marry him, and it will always be the best decision I ever made.  I worked
for IBM for seven years before having twins, a boy and a girl, who surprisingly don’t share the
same birthday!  I really enjoyed being an “at home” mom and five years later, we had another
daughter who is now in 2nd grade.  We currently reside in a suburb of Hartford, Connecticut
that in many ways reminds me of Elmira.  I have been very active in theatre, onstage and off.  
I’ve also written two plays and recently had the thrill of seeing them both produced.  I keep in
touch with a few EFA’ers and I’m always happy to hear about our classmates!
Bev (Schoonover) Piroue

After EFA, I attended SUNY Cortland for 1 year and then transferred and graduated from
Elmira College. After school, I got a job with Allstate Insurance in their regional office in
Roanoke, VA, where I lived for 4 years, and was then transferred to Washington,DC which was
a fantastic place to live. My roomate there for a couple of years was Sue Harrigan! I then got
recruited back into the jewelry business and worked with Kay Jewelers in their national
headquarters until 1989. I met my husband Nicolas while in San Francisco and we were visiting
a mutual friend. He lived in NYC and said he would visit me in DC sometime. 3 weeks later he
visited and we have been together ever since, and that was May '88! We lived in NYC until
1995,where I worked for a terrific jewelry manufacturing company where I was director of
marketing, then we moved to Princeton,NJ (where my husband grew up), continued to commute
to NY everyday, had a baby girl, Amanda who is nearly 6 now and just started kindergarten,and
finally  gave up the NY commute and moved to Newtown, PA which is closer to Philly than to
NY. My husband is a project manager at a computer firm and gets to travel overseas quite often.
I love being a stay at home mom to Amanda and her little brother Andrew who just turned 2! It
has been a great journey, these last 25 years, and I look forward to seeing everyone in July
Cheryl (Preucil) Stone

My post EFA life in 100 words or less…I can do that!  If you recall I spent my senior EFA
year as an AFS student in France.  Loved it!   Mr. Harrigan presented me with my diploma
upon my return in early July, 1979.  I attended the University of Vermont where I spent my
junior year back in France attending the Universite de Nice!  Needless to say I had a fantastic
time!  I graduated from UVM in 1983 with a double major: Psychology and French, and a
minor in Business.  I spent the next summer in Elmira working at Hilltop Inn (with Chet Howell
and Garret Cantor, but that’s another story all together!) saving money for a year with Up With
People.  You may remember this group.  They visited EFA about every other year.  I traveled
with them August 1983 – June 1984.  During that year I became friends with a gal from
Richmond Virginia.  She was attending college in Richmond and looking for a roommate.  That
became me.  I moved to Richmond where I worked for a mortgage company.  My first “real”
job.  I was making $12,000/yr and living like a queen!  Two years later I got the opportunity to
work with Met Life in NYC and jumped at the chance.  I lived on the Upper East Side for two
years.  As any of you who call the City home know, it was an awesome experience.  Still
restless, I moved back to Richmond.  My Richmond friend still there, opened some doors for
me at Time-Life Customer Service.  That was in the summer of 1990 and I’m still there.  While
working at Time-Life I met my first husband John (He’s also my only but I like to keep him
guessing!).  We’ve been married 10 years (just celebrated in Las Vegas).  We’re the proud but
sometimes frazzled parents of Powell (9), Molly (6 ¾) and Oliver (4).  I have only worked part
time since the birth of my kids and find this works great for me.  I’m a Fulfillment System
Support Analyst and love my job!  (If any of you follow the business news you know that AOL
TW just sold Time-Life.  We’ll see how long the job lasts!)  My husband is the Vice President
of Operations for a middle market service organization.  He is also a volunteer Fire Battalion
Chief.  We live in Hanover County Virginia, just north of Richmond, in a home we built four
years ago.  I visit Elmira often.  My parents still live there and my younger sister Kim and her
family moved there three years ago.  I missed our last reunion and am eager to see you all
again.  In July!!  Okay, more than 100 words.  I never had that problem in High School!
Claire (Castellino) Perez

My biography this February 1, 2004, 25 years from my sociology paper for Mr. Robinson and
my Economics class with Mr. Rothwell, I wonder just what happened to all that time? It seems I
was in high school longer than those 25 years. A partial truth; I spent 10 years teaching social
studies, most of it in Ann White's former classroom. I love teaching but not disciplining.

After my second round of EFA, I graduated for good. I went to work in a private physician's
office for four years as a Health Educator, leading adults in classes for healthy behaviors using
the Health Management Resources program. This was a fun job and a great way to meet people
in Ithaca. Last June, I switched gears and now work for a professor who completing his
memoirs: an astrophysicist on the board of NASA when SKYLAB circled about. I do not know
what is next in the crystal ball for me career/job wise but personally, I see many plants.

I married late, thirty something, and my husband, Radames, and I have a lot of fun together. He
got me in touch with the farmer within. Before I met him, he had created a farmette: walking
trails, ponds, gardens, and a barn that houses fancy chickens and pigeons. I have overcome my
fear of black water snakes and seen creatures I never really noticed: blue herons, coyotes, and
red winged blackbirds. Its fun, but there are times when I hear the theme song from Green Acres
buzzing in my head "Green Acres is the place for me...give me Park Avenue," or at least a
suburb and municipal water. I have two twin stepsons, John and Peter, that I met when they
were sixteen, they have always been great to wicked stepmother stuff. We also have
two cats, Tazz and Honey Bunny, and a boxer puppy named Mu.  
Craig Sutter

After graduation, I attended CCC and was supposed to go to Cornell.  Thankfully, I didn't do
that as I was unsure what I wanted to do.  After some time off, I ended up with an Economics
degree from Elmira College in 1985. I continued to be active in the horse world throughout my
college years.  In 1987, I starting working for Morgan Stanley in Manhattan in their Technology
Department.  I stayed with Morgan for over 9 years.

Since then, I managed an internet startup and started a consulting company.  I'm currently
working as a freelance business and technology consultant in the Metro NYC area.  I live in
Stamford, CT and get back to visit Elmira to see family on ocassion.  I still ride and show horses
when I can and have started judging horse shows.  
David Bartholomew

After graduation, I attended SUNY Morrisvile to study Hotel, Restaurant, and Food Service
Management.  I was hired out of college by Walgreen's in Chicago, IL to run their restaurant in
the Sears Tower Building.  That big city experience was short lived.  I came back to Elmira
briefly and ended up in Syracuse, NY.  I worked for a couple of food service management
companies in the health care industry and after about three years worked at the Syracuse City
School District as a manager.  Six years later I changed my career and worked as a Destributor
Sales Rep and a Broker Rep for food manufacturers.  Later I returned to the school food service
industry and have worked for the past eleven years as Director of Food Services at Dryden
Central School District.

I have been married to my wife Laura for 22 years and have two children ages 6 and 8.  We
reside in Clay, NY which is a suburb of the greater Syracuse area.
David Strickland

The day after graduation I was off to Johnson & Wales College in Providence R.I. to register for
classes in my major, Culinary Arts. The year after graduation from EFA I received my A.S.
degree in Culinary Arts. I moved to Rochester to attend R.I.T. for 1 semester and ended up
majoring in partying.  I worked as a Chef/ Manager and lived in Rochester for 7 years. I moved
down to Miami, FL in 1988 and worked at the World Famous Fontainebleau Hilton Hotel on
Miami Beach for 11 years, then an Executive Chef at a Privately owned catering company for 5
years. I also ventured out on my own part- time and started Strickly Catering Co. I've sub-
contracted a food stand at Pro Player Stadium (Miami Dolphins) for 3 years now and catered
numerous private parties.  I am now at Parrot Jungle Island in Miami working as Executive Sous
Chef and still catering on the side along with my wife of 8 years Angela. She too is a Chef. We
have three children Kimar, Marquis and Deshaina.  I ending up getting a full scholarship and
going back to school at Florida International University to study Hospitality Management and I
am just 3 credits from my B.S. degree.
Eileen Moran

I've been happily married and living in Northern Virginia for over 15 years.   My husband Scott
and I have two daughters, Savanna who is 10 and Georgia who is 6.   Life with a husband, two
kids, job and a dog keeps us all extremely busy.  I work at Freddie Mac in
McLean, VA as an interior designer/space planner.  I am responsible for all of
our facilities in Virginia as well as our regional offices in New York, Chicago, L.A. Dallas
and Atlanta.  The job is very busy, always demanding and never boring!  I hope to make it to
the 25th reunion, wherever that may be.  I recently had a mini-reunion with Bev Schoonover and
Jon Kelafant.  It was fun to see them both and to reminisce about days gone by.  Hope
everyone is doing well
Ella Abadir

After high school I wasn't sure what I wanted to be when I grew up so I decided to take a long
break. Once my mother became fed up with me not doing anything with my life, she handed me
a directory of colleges and said to pick any school and she'd pay for the first year. I ended up in
a college near London, England for one year and had the most amazing time of my life. I'm not
sure how I ended up with the grades that I did, because the majority of the year was spent
traveling throughout Europe with a good friend. That started my desire to travel.  I spend as
much time as I possibly can vacationing in other countries and taking long weekend road trips to
Mexico, San Francisco, Las Vegas and the Western National Parks.

I ended up graduating from Buffalo State College with a Bachelor of Science in Business
Studies. BS x 3. College was a blur of working full-time, going to school full-time and partying
full-time. Shortly after graduation my mother's company was moving her to California, so I threw
a few boxes on the back of her truck and drove cross country to Los Angeles. I've lived here for
14 years and enjoy the 70 degree year round weather.  

I work as an Account Executive for Sempra Energy, the largest utility in the US. My territory
runs along the beautiful North Orange County coastal cities. I work with cities, school districts,
restaurant chains, and hotels promoting natural gas energy efficient projects and new technology.
Basically I give out money for rebates and entertain customers. Needless to say I love my job.

I've fallen in love 3 times (aren't you supposed to get lucky on the 3rd try?) but am not currently
married and do not have any children. Other than traveling I enjoy cooking, entertaining, golfing,
reading, playing piano and remodeling my 50 year old house. By the way, if you're interested in
where I'll be living when I retire in 15 years: South Island New Zealand. Maybe sooner if I hit
the jackpot in Las Vegas.
Eric Olson

I transferred to Spokane, WA for my senior year. I received a BA in History/Political Science
at Gonzaga University, Spokane, WA 1982. MA in International Relations from Syracuse
University in December 1983.

I worked in Washington, DC on Capital Hill and spent 4 years as an economic consultant in
private industry.  Moved to S. Florida in 1989 and pursued academic studies in Theology.  I
spent 9 years with the state of Florida as a manager for Labor and Employment before returning
to the private sector. Currently Senior VP with Steven Douglas and Associates in Weston, FL
for healthcare and pharmacy recruitment, nationwide.

Single, never married, no kids-  too young to get married. Still looking for an Aries soulmate.
My parents still live in Elmira. I would enjoy hearing from old classmates - Tim Kane, Joe
Lewis, Mark Murphy and the gang.
Frank Grover

Well I was one of the screwups and never graduated. I moved from job to job(bartending,
factory worker and construction worker) after dropping out.
Finally I smartened up and got my G.E.D. in 1983. Then I started taking civil service exams for
the State Troopers, Elmira Police and State Corrections.
I was hired by State Corrections in 1985. I was called for the Elmira Police in 1987 but at that
point I was making more in Corrections than the Police Dept. was offering, so I stayed with the
State. I was promoted to Sergeant in 1994 and have currently taken and passed the Lieutenants
exam. We will have to wait and see if and when a promotion is offered. At this point I am the
second senior Sergeant at Southport and not really sure I would want to go on the road again.
I have worked at the following facilities Fishkill in 1985, Attica from 1985 to late 1988 and
Southport since it opened with the exception of a year and a half when I went to Elmira when I
was promoted. The worst part of my career so far has been experiencing the riot at Southport in
1991. The year leading up to and the year after the riot were not all that great either.
I was married in 1984 and divorced in 1990. Its OK there wasn't any kids involved and we get
along better now than when we were married.
The current Love of my life Christine and I have been together since 1990(Nothing to do with
the divorce). We have two great kids Jessica, 12 years old and Ryan, 9 years old. We have a
very nice house on the Southside of Elmira.
So to borrow a lyric from one of Lynyrd Skynyrds newer songs from the Vicious Cycle CD-
(Thats how I like it) - Ain't no saint sometimes a sinner and I can't tell you  why. But I get up
every morning and Thank the Man above. WOO... MY LIFE IS GOOD!  Sorry, I am a
Skynyrd nut!
So on that note I will end my rambling, by Thanking Tim Taylor for taking the time and effort to
try and get us all reunited again after 25 years and second wishing All  of you the best that life
has to offer!
Georgine (Rogers) Lanahan

I started out at CCC 9/1979 and dropped out after one semester to board a plane to West Palm
Beach, Florida, to be with a man from Southside H.S. whom I met at a 1979 graduation party.
We moved back to NY in 1981 because my dad was ill. January 1st 1982 we moved to Fort
Worth, TX.  I had 2 sisters here at the time. Now I have 3 sisters and a brother here. 2 of my
brothers still live in NY one in Elmira and one in Rochester.  My mom, her mom, and alot of my
relatives still live in Elmira.  I divorced after 15 years in 1994.  We have two children Angela-16
(going on you remember the age.) and Ryan-14.  They are both Terrific and spoiled.
They both went to Catholic school through 8th grade. (Ryan is still in 8th grade).  Angela has
been attending public school just as I did for High School years.(I was very apprehensive about
this at first knowing how my life changed after Catholic school...HaHaHa).   Ryan is still
undecided what school he wants to go to. My children are my life at the present, I hope to meet
someone someday but not until my children are raised.

In 2000, my 17 year career in the Health Insurance Industry ended working as a Business
Analyst.  Our Company couldn't keep up with the Claims being filed by all the sick people in the
world.  I decided to get out of Health Insurance when the Company closed the doors.  Since
then I have been working for a business that supplies Commercial Parking Lot lighting all over
the United States. (As a matter of fact we supplied the lighting for OUR mall in Big Flats, NY.)  I
was hired in the Accounting Dept. but I actually do a little bit of everything.  The days go by
toooo fast. I can not believe it has been "ALMOST" 25 years since graduation.
I try to maintain my youth in the mental department because my body won't (the aches and pains
are starting....hahahahehehe)

I pray that all of you are doing well and enjoying life.(every minute of it).
Holly (Hartman) Cornish

I started out at CCC, but decided early on that a career in criminal justice wasn't as exciting as
"Starsky and Hutch" depicted!   I am married to a Southsider!!!  YIKES!!! Almost unheard of!  
(Laughing!)  Erie Bell day is always exciting at our house.   My husband graduated in 1973, (he
was  the bass player  from a band named "Harlot")  Anybody out there remember them?   The
band was  a bit ahead of us but alot of people knew them.  I have a stepson named Damon,
(6/78)  and 2 daughters, Sarah Elizabeth, (10/81)  and Desiree'  Marie, (9/82)  Our baby will be
21 this month!!!!!!!!!!!!  I still live in Elmira  not far from where I grew up.  The girls went to
Academy also.  Anyone who knew me well would  remember my love of animals. I am a
Veterinary Technician  working in Ithaca, NY.  (Decided that a job in that field was necessary to
support my tribe of creatures)  I currently have 4 horses, 3 dogs, and a cat.  My horse and I are
active volunteers in a therapeutic riding program for developmentally challenged individuals,  
"Reins of Hope".  Visit our website at
(My horse is the big white horse with the chestnut ears, knees, cheeks, mane and tail in the 2002
James Pirozzolo

I can't believe it has been 25 years, however, I will note that I did have the opportunity for my
first retirement in Feb. 2003.  In Feb.2003 I did retire after 17 years as the EFA JV Football
Coach.  It was a great run but decided to retire so that I could spend time watching my two girls
play school sports.  Mary and I will be married 20 years in June 2004.  We have two wonderful
girls, Katie age 16 and Kara age 13, who fortunately take after there mother in the area of
academics. Both girls play soccer and lacrosse for Horseheads.

I am still with the Chemung Co. Probation Department as a Senior Probation Officer for the past
19 years.  I continue my civic duties trying to give back what Elmira has given me.  I am the Vice
President of the Chemung Co. Youth Board, Regional Vice President of the NYS Probation
Officer's Association, and Board Member of the FYRE Program (Juvenile Firesetter's).  I
continue to work with Juveniles at the Probation Dept and visit EFA approximately 3 times a
week, so I have  not been far removed from the alma mater.

I hope to be able to join everyone for the reunion but family and career plans my conflict.  I am
considering a job change with the NYS Division of Parole as a Parole Officer if offered a
position.  I did have to take a lengthy psych exam which worries me.  But if Mike Cobb can
pass that test, so can I!!!  Best of luck to everyone and have a great life!
James Reed

Unlike high school, my big mouth now serves me well as a trial lawyer with the Ziff Law Firm in
good old Swell-Mira.  I am very happily married to the only woman who could tolerate me over
the long-term, Meg Valicenti (who was a couple years behind us at EFA).  I have three
surprisingly good kids:  Hunter, an eighth grader who played JV Soccer at EFA this year so I got
to march our old stomping grounds on a regular basis; Kelsey, a sassy, bright 6th grader at Ernie
Davis; and Gavin, a super-charged, mischievous nine year old.

The last 25 years has been a wild and wonderful ride.  Four years of college, three years of law
school, a great job in a law firm I love, a marriage that I hope will last forever, three tremendous
kids that are making grey hairs prematurely appear, and plenty of time for some hijinks along the
way.  Paul Kingsbury and I remain best friends and we routinely torture one another by
competing in bicycle races all over  the country (508 miles through Death Valley, 540 miles over
the Cascade mountains in Oregon-- see, I wasn't kidding when I said "torture"!).

Life is good....  Here's to all of you and the next 25 years!!
Jeff Bailey

Better late than never! After high school I went to the Ohio State Univ. I graduated in 1983 with
a degree in  Biology and Microbiology. I was in there predental program all for years which
helped me to get into Case Western Reserve Univ. School of Dentistry. I then graduated from
there in 1987. I went on to do a residency program at St. Lukes Hospital. I met my wife in
Dental school and we were married shortly after I graduated. Currently I practice in a small
community northeast of Cleveland Ohio called Kirtland. My wife is the director of nursing for
one of Cleveland Clinics satellite hospitals. We have two children. My son is 15 years old and
lettered in swimming at Mentor high school last year while maintaining an A average. My
daughter is 12 years old and a tomboy thru and thru. She loves to skateboarding and fish. My
family and I have lived in Mentor Ohio ever since I graduated and got married. It's right off Lake
Erie which provides me allot of opportunity to fish. I have also been getting into adventure racing
which involves trail running, mountain biking,kayaking and orienteering. I volunteer a lot of my
time to the Boy Scouts and my local civic organization the Kirtland Kiwanis which I currently
hold the office of president. I am looking forward to coming back to Elmira and seeing familiar
faces and old friends.
Jeff Case

From 79 to 81 was troubled waters for me. Summer of 81 things turned around, 1st job with
Elmira Psych. Center. Son born in 86, daughter in 90, moved to Arizona 90 worked at Arizona
Medical Center as Recreation Coordinator on Psych. unit. Twin daughters in 92 one died two
days after birth. Moved back to Elmira 93 found salvation "born again." Employed by Cerebral
Palsy as Medicaid Service Coordinator my wife is a Manager with Wegmans. Son attends EFA
plays varsity football and bowls, daughter 1 Ernie Davis, Soccer, daughter 2 George Washington
swimming and soccer.
John Glover

I have been doing different jobs around Elmira, such as selling tv at my uncle's shop, working for
the City of Elmira, and for the past 8 or so yrs I have been a supervisor at the Glove House.
Jonathan Kelafant (moved to Virginia end of sophmore year)

After graduating from Robert E. Lee High in Staunton, VA (what a
culture shock!), I received a BS in Geology from Washington and Lee Univ. and a
MS in Geology from George Washington Univ.  Currently, I am Senior Vice
President of Advanced Resources International, an oil and gas consulting firm located in
Arlington, VA.  Most of my work is overseas with current projects in South Africa, Botswana,
Zimbabwe, Madagascar, India, and Ukraine.

I married my wife Bobbi in 1995 and we have two children, Elizabeth (11/98)
and Gerritt (4/01).  We live in Arlington, VA, but still maintain our ties to NY with our house in
the Adirondack Mtns. where we try and spend 5-6 weeks each summer.
Joseph Ford

After graduation I enlisted in the Marines.  What a deal - travel for free to places I have never
heard of.  While on assignment in California I met my wife Sherry and we were married in 1986.  
I retired from the Marine Corps in 1999; which was economically not a good time to be looking
for work.  I worked in Newport Beach, California at the internet company Alta Vista until
January 2001 and then took on my present job for a major federal contracting firm as an
Aviation Logistics Consultant.  Sherry and I recently celebrated our 17th year of marriage and
we live in Orange County, California.  We have two children and a grandson.  
Julie (Hamlin) Luther

To fill you in on my life, I've been married to a great guy, John Luther (we met at Elmira
College), for 15 years. We have two beautiful kids. Emily is 10 1/2 and in 5th grade. Duncan is
8 and in 2nd grade. They keep me busy with their curiosity and inventiveness.We live outside of
Boston in Franklin, MA.

I've never gotten the "dog thing" out of my system. I still have Lhasas Apsos ( for those of you
who remember Celeste). We are up to 5 at the moment. I show them all over New England and
in the past few years have traveled to Wisconsin and Minnesota and am going to Southern
California at the end of October 03 for the National Lhasa Specialty show. Most of my dogs are
champions and one was even ranked in the top ten of her breed earlier this year as well as
winning a Specialty Best In Show this summer. OK enough with dogs.

I still also do lots of artsy things as well. I've improved a lot over the years in my painting, done
some woodworking, self taught framing and sheetrock for finishing our basement. I have a small
but successful dog grooming business. I have really enjoyed decorating our home that we built 5
years ago (always a work in progress), most recently finishing the living room where I have
several John Fell paintings hanging (remember our wonderful ceramics teacher?).

Well that should update things for now. I would love to hear from classmates.
Julie (Updike) Ferreira

After graduating from EFA,  I received my AA degree in Secretarial Science from CCC.  In
1985 I got married to a guy from Corning, NY and we immediately moved to Tampa, Florida.  
We have 3 children,  two girls (15 & 12)  and one boy (4).   My husband and I both found a
personal relationship with Jesus Christ and strive to raise our children in a Christian home.  After
moving to Florida,  I worked for 3 years in a secretarial capacity and then took a position as a
Property Manager of a commercial office park.  After my second daughter  turned "1",  I felt the
desire to be a stay-at-home mom.  I have continued in this capacity and feel very blessed to have
this opportunity.  We currently live in Lakeland,  Florida on 4 acres.  We have a horse and a
cat.  We spend our summers in NY at our summer home on Keuka Lake in Penn Yan; which
helps us to stay close to our families.  I keep busy coaching our daughters' cheerleading team,  
leading bible study's at our church, and keeping our 4 year old busy.
Kathleen Kilcoyne

Hate to say it but high school sucked. Hated it. Then on to CCC. Hated it.  Since then its been a
wild ride. First started working for dog show kennels and vet clinics around the east coast. Some
small acomplishments include a win at Westminster kc at Madison Square Garden Placements
and wins at the Irish Setter Club of America national specialty and the Miniature Pinscher Club
of America national specialty and also owning the #3 ranked akita female for a short period in
1985 (before she was stolen). I have been to hair school and became a hairdresser..hated it!  
Back into the animal field. Have been a dog groomer for the last 11 years. Hate it! Have the
worst sinus infections! This June I purchased a large boarding , grooming and training facility in
Mt. Holly NJ and yes..I hate it ! I have taken up lessons in dressage riding again and finally might
be able to purchase the Andalusion I always wanted. I love Nascar, Alice and Chains, and
classical music. Never been married, no children..and no I'm not a lesbian.
Kevin Whalen

After finishing college, I worked for a time in D.C. and then taught at a high school in Maine, but
then in the mid 80s starting working in grassroots organizing and have done so ever since. I
started out doing solidarity work against the U.S. government’s wars in Central America –
one huge influence in my life was living and working in Nicaragua during the contra war. People
there taught me lots about building communities from the ground up, about real participatory
democracy even during war time.

In the late 1980s I started doing local community organizing work in Boston. Since I spoke
Spanish, I was able to work in Latino communities. I worked for around 10 years for a great
community organization in a working class part of Boston – East Boston - that was home to new
immigrants from Latin America and Asia, as well as a longstanding Italian American community. I
did a lot of tenant, worker and community organizing and ended up as the Director of the
community group itself – which wasn’t as fun as doing the on-the-ground organizing work, but at
least it taught me lots about my administrative deficiencies.

In 1999 I left that rather intense work to spend more time with my family. I now do support
work for immigrant community and labor organizing, having created a new non-profit
organization with two friends/co-workers that gives training and other support for organizing
to grassroots groups and unions. So I get to do work that I’m passionate about but don’t have
to be in the midst of the crises that come with the on-the-ground work. I now work 30 hours a
week and have more time to do things like coach my 8-year old son’s baseball team and spoil
my 2-year old daughter.

I met my wife Kathy doing the Central America solidarity work, and now she’s Director of the
major citywide tenant organization in Boston, so our work and family lives tend to overlap a
bunch (we just wish we could see more movies…). Alex is into guitar (total rock and roll head at
8), baseball, and hanging with friends, while Carolina is into dancing, roaring like a lion and
ceaseless play.

Tommy Horigan and I are still in close touch – he’s around an hour away and we do things like
‘little guys’ weekends each year where we hang with our sons at a house in the woods in Maine.
We’re both still big Yankee fans, and for some reason Red Sox fans up here have a kind of
hard time with that…
Laurie (Grosvenor) Loiacono

The United States Air Force afforded me the wonderful opportunity to travel to many different
places from 1980 to 1992 - Texas, Mississippi, North Dakota, Hawaii, Korea, Washington, DC
and Germany.  I have resided in Liverpool, NY for the past 11 years.  My daughter Jennifer is
21 and a senior at Canisius College in Buffalo and Jessica is 19 and a freshman at Northern
Virginia Community College.  

Along the way, I earned a bachelor's degree in Business, Economics and Management from
Empire State College.  In recent years I have worked in training & development at the Syracuse
Veterans Hospital and for the President of Wells College in Aurora, NY.  I am currently the
Director of Office Services for a large law firm in Syracuse, supervising a department of 16 and
traveling to our other offices in Buffalo, Albany, New York City and Florida to work on
renovation projects.

New Year's Eve 2002 I married my wonderful husband, Patrick, at a  resort in Alexandria Bay
on the St. Lawrence River. We stay busy with home improvement projects, gardening and
traveling.  I still enjoy skiing and took up in-line skating several years ago.
Linda (Mills) Montierth

I graduated from Alfred University with B.S in Nursing and worked at Corning Hospital for a
short time before marrying and moving to Provo, Utah in 1983. I worked at Utah State Hospital
in psych nursing and administration for several years and then moved to Oak Ridge, Tennessee
where I currently live. I have five really cool kids and an awesome husband who makes it all
worthwhile. My first son is in college and I really can't believe I'm that old. I have wonderful
memories of EFA !
Liz (Bellinger) Muller

After Graduation I attended CCC while continuing to work at St. Joseph's hospital as a nursing
assistant. In the summer of 1980 I met my husband John at Gatsby's . My sister had introduced
us as she was attending St. Joe's nursing program and John was in the radiology program there.
We dated for four years although it became a long distance relationship once he graduated from
St. Joe's in 1981. John returned to his hometown of Middletown, N.Y. and I continued to
pursue my nursing degree.
Once I graduated from CCC I worked at the Elmira Psych Center and we married in May
1984. Of course I moved to Middletown and was hired at Orange Regional Medical Center. I
have been at the same hospital ever since and am presently an endoscopy nurse.
Our first child Christina was born in March 1985 and our son Erik in March 1990. The children
are now 19 and 14. Christina is attending college and has been pursuing a modeling career. Erik
is involved in ice hockey and soccer.
John and I have been very busy these past 20 years with our family. Every summer we vacation
in   the Outer Banks of N.C. We have traveled to England for the Millennium and have just
celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary with a cruise to Bermuda. We plan on touring Hungary
and Denmark next summer as he has family there.
Mary (Mannix) Carey

After high school I went to Binghamton University for my bachelor's and then worked at Strong
Memorial Hospital in a surgical ICU for two years. While I loved the clinical environment, I
knew I would not stay in the nursing profession and went back to grad school for a dual masters
(MS and MBA).  I then came to Sayre, PA and did a two year post graduate fellowship in
hospital administration at Guthrie.  In between my two masters degrees, I married Frank Carey,
EFA Class of '69.  Initially it was scandalous to date a guy 10 years older.....or for him to date
someone 10 years younger! But , boy, was it fun!!! We both focused on pursuing our careers.
Frank has an MBA and runs his own small consulting company specializing in direct marketing.  
I am a Senior Vice President for Guthrie Healthcare System  and hold the dual role of Chief
Operating Officer for Robert Packer Hospital. It all just sort of evolved, I'd love to say there
was a master plan to our careers , but there wasn't. After being married for 10 years, we knew
there was more to life than professions, and we started our family.  It was and always will be the
best thing that has ever happened to both Frank and me. Bobby just turned 6 years old and
attends Hendy!!  Sonny Kate just turned 4 years old and attends preK (You can imagine the
humor at Frank's 30th EFA reunion, we got the prize for being the only couple in the room
expecting...all others were getting awards for greatest number of grandchildren...and then there
was virile Frank.....always did look younger than his age....).  Mister Bobby and Miss Sonny
Kate  are the coolest kids in the world and both look like Carey's, like I had nothing to do with
any of it!!!  They are our life and provide nonstop entertainment for us. The wonderful thing
about starting a family so late is that you are really into it, have alot of patience (OK, maybe
lower on the energy!), are doing it because it is exactly where you want to be in life, and laugh
at all of  the  things that would have been a frustration in your 20's! We feel very blessed to live
in good ole Elmira and raise our kids in a wonderful community that we can call home. To be
able to successfully pursue our careers and raise our family  in our home town really is a
rush!! I keep in touch with several EFA'ers (Bev, Joy , Stefani, Melinda) and Joy's oldest,
Kara, is our baby-sitter (she is gorgeous!!).  Life is good.
Mary (Durkin) Leonard

Moving from Elmira to Binghamton in January of 1978 was very hard for me.  What a time to
uproot a teenager!  But, I survived.  I met Rick, my husband of 22 years, at Binghamton North.  
We stayed in New York State until May 1982, when the company he worked for went on strike.  
We were scheduled to come to Florida for vacation at that time to visit my parents, but made it a
one way trip.  Best decision we ever made.  We got married in July 1982 in Tampa and have lived
here ever since.  We have 2 beautiful daughters, Stephanie 18 and Shannon 20.  Through the years
I stayed at home to raise our daughters. I had my own business doing medical transcription and
typing a legal newsletter. Stephanie is in college and Shannon is an assistant manager for an upscale
grocery store chain here in Tampa and is expecting her 1st baby.  We are going to be
GRANDPARENTS!  In January 2001, I went back to school to get my nursing degree and I
graduate on May 11th.  I currently work at Moffitt Cancer Center here in Tampa and will stay
there as an RN beginning June 1.  Oncology is a very rewarding field!!!  I have a wonderful
husband and family, a new career to look forward to and old friends to see.  LIFE IS GOOD!!!
Nancy (Chalk) Padilla

I left Elmira in 81’ and have been living in Southern California since. I still get home each year to
visit with family and friends; even so I should have bought stock in my long distance telephone
company. I attended Los Angeles City College and am currently employed (for the last 13
years) as the Director of Major Events and Internal Relations for a non-profit public policy
research organization in Claremont, CA. Prior to that I worked in downtown Los Angeles in
Commercial Real Estate and for a big eight accounting firm (both boring). Now in my capacity as
the director of major events with the Institute, I have organized dinners for as many as 1500
people with keynote speakers such as Ronald Reagan, Justice Clarence Thomas, Dan Quayle,
Margaret Thatcher, Dick Cheney, Charlton Heston, some of our attendees have included Pat
Sajak, Tom Selleck, Richard Dreyfuss, Kurt Russell, and most recently our keynote addressee
will be Rush Limbaugh this November. It has been an exciting career and I am very fortunate—
don’t think I would have had the opportunity to meet these people in Elmira J. I am also the
Circulation Manager for our new publication, the Claremont Review of Books, a conservative
magazine that vies with the NYRofB; of course we are not as liberal. I am raising my niece,
Ashley, my brother Damon’s oldest daughter (he has 8 other children, and she’s the rebellious
one), he really took the Italian, Catholic thing serious--just joking. Ashley is 15 and a joy to have
(most of the time), as many of you who are parents of teenagers must know what I mean. In my
spare time, I am an avid skeet and target shooter, I play on a women’s pool league, I do a lot of
camping and off roading, volunteer for the Registrar of Voters and at each election, and my most
important job is mentoring Ashley to be a confident, well adjusted young lady (and I might add
she now receives far better grades than I ever did, at least in high school). I do a lot of home
entertaining, love to have friends over, pool parties, BBQs and spend most of my spare time
maintaining and redecorating my home and backyard. Unfortunately my seven-year marriage
ended in 96’, which now allows me the time to travel as well—my most recent trip was to
Europe where I visited, Ireland, Scotland and England. I have been blessed with a wonderful
family, life, career and friends. Please feel free to contact me would love to hear from you.
Orlando Mustico

Orlando is alive & well & living in Vermont. After graduation I went to school for advertising art
& did not enjoy it at all. Somehow, studying art sucks all the joy right out of it. I transferred to
Mansfield State to get my degree in art education. Mistake! Thirty kids with access to scissors
& paste was not what I really wanted. Long story – short: I moved to Florida, had a host of
different jobs, shoe salesman, cashier, bartender, waiter, Manager, wine steward. I was hired
by Disney World but didn’t quite make it through the orientation. (It really creeped me out. Too
much like The Stepford Wives.) Sometime in my early thirties, it seems as if I hit an oil patch &
skidded into my forties. I moved back up north, to Vermont. (I figured that maybe I’d keep
better in cold weather.) So here I am in a little town, restoring a 200 year old farmhouse with
my partner of 13 years, Dr. Charles Callahan (our 4 year old St. Bernard, Gaston, seems to be
trashing the place faster than we can fix it up). Charlie is a composer & an author. I worked for
a while in the travel industry @ Vermont Bicycle Tours until the September 11th tragedy. For
the last three years I’ve been working for The Salzburg Seminar in Middlebury. It is a wonderful
non-profit organization. (It would take quite a bit to explain, better if you just check out their
website.)  Well, that’s my life. I’m looking forward to seeing everyone.
Patricia (Richardson) Krauss

What a long strange trip it’s been!
After graduation, I attempted to go to CCC, but I just wasn't ready for anymore formal
education.  I joined the Army instead and traveled the country for a couple of years.  Back in
Elmira, I got married in 1982 and attended nursing school the following year.  

4 kids and 14 years later I was divorced and headed back to college—receiving my BA
degree--20 years after graduating from EFA.  This portion of my education was a bit different
than the EFA years though—I graduated with honors and distinction (mind you—all this while
raising 4 kids, ages 3-13, single handedly).  I am now working on my graduate studies while
working in the field of addictions (a subject that is near & dear to my heart).    

As a happily divorced 40 something (who am I kidding—you are all the same age as I am!) I
now juggle my time between kids, their sporting events, work, and committees.  I live in upstate
NY, which isn’t all that different from Elmira—only colder—if that’s possible!  

I look forward to a time when I can have the house to myself-find things exactly where I left
them & don’t have to run kids all over town (only 2 left)—but until that time—I’ll just plan on
seeing you all in July!
Pauline (Godwin) Emmons

I live in Binghamton, have two fabulous children, and work as a Special Education teacher and
as a Consultant for Autism Spectrum Disorders
Pete Kenny

The day after graduation, I moved to join my family in Raleigh, NC and went to school at
UNC-Chapel Hill. I've moved around alot and have enjoyed several careers.  The most
enjoyable spent was 5 years sailing 100 ft, 100 yr old, 30 passenger schooners on 3 and 6 day
trips on the coast of Maine and in the Virgin Islands.  I met my wife, Colleen, on one of these
trips and we've been married for 5 years.  Her work took us to Brisbane, Australia for a couple
of years. We have recently returned to our home in Boulder, Colorado where I am enjoying the
most rewarding time of my life as a stay at home Dad for our 4 yr old girl.  I'll eventually return to
work at IBM.
Peter Carozza

After EFA I attended CCC and EC, then moved to Fla for one year. I came back to Elmira and
ran a business for my parents. That got old fast so I moved back to Fla.  and when to work for
The Fla. Dept. Of Corrections as a Correctional officer for four years. I then went to work for
The Clay County Sheriff's Office as a Deputy Sheriff and I have been here now for 13.5 years. I
am currently assigned to the  patrol division answering calls for service and double as a  field
training officer training new recruits for the road. I also spent  four years  as an evidence
technician processing crime scenes.  I have been married 20 years with two girls 12 and 10. We
are very big into NASCAR and go to Daytona every year following Earnhardt JR. It's great to
see the missing list getting so small. Hope to make it in July and see yall.   
Randi (Samuels) Nunn

Married to Mark Nunn for the past 18 years and live in Fairport, New York outside of
Rochester.  Have worked for 15 years as Director of Development for a non-profit agency and
love it!  Mark is a personal injury lawyer.  We have 2 children, Brandon who is a sophmore
and Samantha who is in 8th grade.  Brandon is very into hockey and plays on his high school
team and year round on various team.  His sport has taken him to Slovenia, Russia and Japan
and he travels to Canada, Ohio and other states closeby every other weekend for tournaments.  
Samantha is very into gymnastics and cheerleading.  Have a condo in Singer Island, Florida
where you can find us during school breaks.  Would love to hear from people.
Robert Martyniak

After graduation I worked various jobs around Elmira, mostly working for my dad at Rudy's
Greenhouse and later at K-Mart. During this time I attended Corning Community College for a
while, only to lose interest. In February 1985, classmate Mike Drake called and suggested that
I pull up roots and move to Gainesville, Florida. As you can imagine the thought of sunny
Florida was very enticing, especially in the middle of winter. Off I went. I began working at the
Gainesville Health and Fitness Center, one of two state of the art health clubs owned by
classmate Mike Cirulli's brother, Joe. I have been here ever since.

I married my wife Sally in 1988, she is a  GULP! Horseheads grad! We have a wonderful son,
Tyler, who will be 6 in February. He is the greatest. Keeps us on our toes, as he wants to be on
the go at all times. Our other "child" is a 3 year old Doberman named Legend who looks more
like a horse than a dog, and eats like one, too! Sally enjoys crafting and makes some really neat
stuff, which she sells at some of the zillions of arts and crafts shows they have here. Along with
coaching Tyler in baseball, I spend most of my leisure time playing softball, which has become
my passion. The weather down here allows for year round play, and we play as often as
possible. Sally sometimes complains that I play too much, but all I have to do is remind her that
if I wasn't playing I'd be home bugging her. Works every time. We come back to visit Elmira at
least twice a year, and we always come home for Christmas, so if anybody is in town and wants
to get together, you can contact me through Rudy's. Hope everyone is well and hope to see ya'll
at the reunion.
Robin (Hall) Stewart

After graduation i joined the Air Force and traveled to quite a few places, Texas, Illinois, RAF
Bentwaters UK (3 Years), Germany, Spain, Hawaii, and other TDY's.  My final assignment
was Myrtle Beach AFB, SC (1988) where I was lucky to have my sister Lesia and her
husband Paul who were both in the Air Force stationed with me as well.  I'm married to a
wonderful man Tim and we have four children,  Jamie is our oldest she is 23 and is married to
Bill, and we have a grandson Zachary who's 3, Leslie will be 21 next month and is a junior at
USC in Columbia, SC, Nicholas is 14 and a freshman in H.S. and  our youngest Lauren will be
13 next month as well, she is a 7th grader.  We live in Summerville, SC and work about 20
minutes from home in Charleston, SC.  Tim has worked for U.S. Foodservice for 22 years and
I have been a service agent with Federal Express for over 7 years.  I do get home as often as
possible to visit all of my family who still lives in Elmira.   I do miss home but, not the weather!   
Hope to see "YA'LL" next year at the reunion.             Robin (Hall) Stewart
Sally (Brown) Spreng

As most of you know I started my family really early. I was given my diploma in the hospital
6/79 that is when my son Jason was born. I started working to support us because I was alone.  
I met my husband December of 79 we moved to Rochester, NY in 1980 married in 1982 and
our daughter Kimberly was born 1984.  We moved back to Elmira in 1987.  I worked for
Hardinge Inc. for 13 years before being laid off in 2001.  
Susan (Finley) Carroll

Since high school, I graduated from University of Rhode Island with a major in marketing and
then worked for a number of technology companies in sales and product marketing postions.
My last job was with NCR until 2000 when I had a baby and retired from the corporate
world! My husband and I now live in Columbus Ohio with our son.
Stefani (Rinde) Oberfest

Happy quarter of a century later guys!!  First off I'm so sad to hear about our fellow classmates
who passed away.  I have certainly  had my share of grief and loss, though it has made me much
stronger, wiser, and certainly deeper.  I am the very proud mom to two little girls, Melissa Paige
11 yrs. and Brooke Rinde, 8yrs.  I'm also the mom to Boo, a 13 yr. old Bichon Frise who is
costing me a fortune in pull ups.  We have 2 cats, Cosmo and Patiot..They are an absolute riot
and great stress relievers.  Ok, so me..Professionally nobody would have ever believed that I
would have made it as far as I have.  Remember, I'm the one in the  yearbook being tutored in
the hallway for algebra which I was trying to pass for the 3rd year in a row.  I'm the one that
never made honor role.  I'm the one who hung with those that learning was so easy for and on
report card day I always seemed to have had a rip in my jean pocket!?  Imagine....Ok, so I
received a BA from Elmira College in psychology with a minor in dance.  Next I attended
Katherine Gibbs Buisiness school to pass the time and play a bit in Boston when low and behold
I find that I was accepted to the University of Rochester Graduated Psych Program (PS only
school applied to because I really didn't think I'd get in).  OK, so I got a partial scholarship due
to all the volunteer work I did since age 13. I worked in the Medical Interlibrary Loan
Department to pay for the rest of this Program.  I graduated and walked down the aisle with
Med. students, course I think I had a tranquilizer just to get me down there.  OK, so in the
meantime I was engaged and married a resident in the Dental School and soon thereafter we
moved to Syracuse.  I worked as a school psychologist for a year and then went to Syracuse
University to obtain a Masters in Social Work.  So there you have it.  I'm a Pychiatric Social
Work Specialist who volunteers in free time to deal with others tragedy as a member of the City/
County Trauma Response Team and the American Red Cross Mental Health Disaster Team. I
learned quite a bit about myself over the years and made a decision to lose the husband!!  Best
choice I ever made.  I am a very happy single mom who also does a lot of vacationing.  Most of
my family lives in Palm Beach County and I'm going to Joys home for Thanksgiving!!  It is
through Joy that I'm able to stay up to date with all of you.  I live in Manlius, NY and my email
address is  I'm up for a reunion any time and unfortunately was unable to
make the last one.  GOD bless you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Susan Stowell

I've lived in FL for 19 yrs., since 1984. I have been working as a freelance designer and
seamstress of garments in the range of sportswear to couture bridal. My design interests and
work experiences are ever evolving to costume design, and more recently home decoration
with a special affinity for  Victorian lampshades. I also design and make costume jewelry and I
am an Astrologer with an always growing clientle to whom I offer intiutive consultations and
instuction for Beginner's Astrology.     
Tammie (Barrigar) Veileux

I left E.F.A. when my father became the Principal at Odessa-Montour.  From there I went to
CCC and got married.  (Big surprise right?)  Tony and I have three wonderful sons (28,23,17),
two great daughter-in laws, and two grandchildren.  Our youngest is still at home and will
graduate in two years.

After Tony retired from the NAVY we changed career paths.  Now we both teach school and
are very active in our communities (we live in two places).  I am active in the Bentley Creek
Wesleyan Church.  Tony is active in the Creswell, NC area and attends the Plymouth Nazarene
church.  We spend a lot of time driving back and forth!  I love the Northern winters and he is a
Miami boy so we do the commute thing.   We LOVE vacations!  Our Son Chris lives in
between us so we meet there a lot.
Terese (Agan) Hofmann

I have been married for 20 years to my husband Jeff. We have no children, but have a great
Golden Retriever named Fred. We live on Smith Mountain Lake in Hardy, VA - we just built
our house. I am a clinical social work therapist at a psychiatric hospital. I have my Master's in
social work. My husband is a mechanical design engineer at a local manufacturing facility. Our
jobs are hectic, so we enjoy our quiet time on the lake!
Thomas Horigan

After high school I attended Clarkson College and obtained a degree in mechanical engineering.  
I took a job with the Department of Defense at the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard and have been
working there since graduation from college.

I met Mary O’Neill at a college reunion and we were married in October of 1989.  She is an
electrical engineer who grew up in NY City and our Irish Catholic wedding really shook up these
‘New Englanders’.  Our wedding reception was curtailed by the Portsmouth, N.H. police

Mary and I have three children, a daughter born in May 1991, a son born in October 1992 and
another boy born in March 1996.  We are busy with the typical activities that go along with kids
in that age range (i.e. traveling soccer, little league, dance, basketball, etc.).
Timothy Crout

After graduation I started the family life early, I married my high school sweetheart Laurie from
Edison High school. We have 2 wonderful daughters, Kara is 23 yrs old and a graduate from
Mansfield University with a degree in special education and elementary education. She has just
announced that she will be getting married in October 04, to her fiance Jeff.  Jennifer is
21 yrs old and will be graduating from Elmira College with a degree in education majoring in
Social Studies. I have been employed by the N.Y.S D.O.C. for the past 20 1/2  years as an
officer, currently I am working at the Elmira facility. My family and I have been residing in
Horseheads N.Y. for the past 18 years, prior to that we lived in Attica N.Y. And to Tim Taylor
you did a very  nice job in getting this webpage together, thank you for all your hard work.
Timothy Taylor

After graduation, I attended Corning Community College. It was there I decided I did not want
to be an engineer and after not being invited back for a second year by the Dean of Students, I
enrolled at Monroe Community College in Rochester in 1980. I transferred to the University at
Albany after 3 semesters at MCC and majored in economics, graduating Cum Laude in 1984.
I enjoyed the miserable science so much I stayed on an earned an M.A. in Econometrics in 1986.

I married Elisabeth in 1984 and we recently celebrated our 19th anniversary. I spent 9 years
(1982-1991) serving state and country as an officer in the New York Army National Guard.
Since 1987, I’ve been employed as an Economist and Budget Examiner at the New York State
Budget Division. Currently, I supervise a team that is responsible for estimating receipts from,
and evaluating legislation related to, New York’s excise taxes.
Tom Rathbun

Just a little about my life, after graduation I went straight into the workforce. I have been working
in the retail sector since 1980. Recently, I spent five years managing the Rite Aid pharmacy on
the Southside of Elmira until May, 2003 when I moved to Florida. We currently live in Plant
City, just east of Tampa. I am currently the manager of a grocery store. I love it here in Florida,
wish I had moved here years ago. My wife, Linda, and I have been married for ten years now
and between us we have three wonderful children and three beautiful grandchildren. I am truly
Toni (Poletto) Athan

It is unfortunate that I won't be seeing you all for the reunion - especially since I lost my
nerdiness, gained some fashion sense, have a hellva lot more interesting stories to tell rather than
what was on Saturday Night Live, and look damn better than I ever did in high school.  The
things that haven't changed though are my love of music, aptitude for math (I am now an
Engineering Manager at Lockkeed Martin), fondness for Orlando Mustico (there is something to
be said when your 1st love turns out to be gay … did I do that??  Ha! Ha! I love ya, man), and
desire to travel the world.  I have lived in another country (Melbourne Australia for 3 years),
completed a Master's degree in Engineering, married someone I interviewed, and enjoy cold
winters with the help of an outdoor hot tub.  In other words, I have been blessed and continue to
enjoy life to its fullest.  My goals before I turn 50 are are to climb Mt Kilamajaro, become
published (keep your eye out for the "Fair Dinkum Four" series), and to drive a Harley.  Keep
smiling and may the force be with you.
Tracy (Davis) Watt

Well lets see, I left school and married Larry Chapman had  my first baby at 19, Timothy
Lawrence, moved to Fort Polk, Louisiana for almost 2 yrs,had my 2nd child, Jillian Rae,then
moved back up to Elmira while Larry went to Germany for 1 1/2 yrs. Had my last child Matthew
Ryan while waiting in Elmira. Moved down to Fort Polk,Mo for 2 yrs. Then I decided I had had
enough of being married to Larry, was never gonna grow up and be responsible. Divorced him
and moved to Florida for 2 yrs where I met my current husband who I have been married to for
15 yrs. He was in the Navy when we met, and basically it was love at first sight.haha. He was
born and raised here in Indianapolis, so that’s where we have been since 1988. I don't much
care for Indiana, but oh well.  I work in a doctor’s office as a front desk receptionist. Have been
in the medical field for about 17 yrs now.  My family all live in Florida, and maybe someday I will
be back down there to live myself.  My kids are all grown up now, my oldest will be 24 in may,
my 2nd will be 23 in august and my baby just turned 21 on New Year’s day.  I became a
"grandma" although I say "nannie" 2 yrs ago in June and she’s beautiful.  I often think about high
school and wonder what the people I knew and hung around with are doing, so this is nice to
find out about
Wavalen (Aronson) Ferro

After EFA, I attended Cazenovia College for two years. I planned on transferring to a University
to major in dance, but in 1981 I severely injured my left knee while snow inner tubing in the
backwoods of NY State. After a long hard recovery I left Elmira to make my home in Los
Angeles. I’ve been living in LA for over 21yrs and love it! I met my husband Jon Ferro while
attending LACC and cruising the underground club scene. Jon and I have been together for
19yrs, we were married in 1986. My first career took me to the retail and garment industries,
working for companies such as Bonwit Teller and Karen Kane. Currently I am teaching pre-
school at a prominent Temple school in the West San Fernando Valley where I live with my
family. I am the proud mother of 3 daughters, my twins Emily and Sarah are 13 and my youngest
daughter Nina is 11. My life so far has been great! Living in LA and having a husband who
works in the Entertainment Industry has allowed me to experience things most only read about in
magazines. But my life isn’t all premiers and parties; I actively support my children’s schools and
activities. I usually can be found by cell phone cheering at soccer games, peering through the
observation windows at dance school or co-chairing one event or another. I’ve kept in touch
with Carmela Manzari and just recently reconnected with Nancy Chalk (Padilla). Please contact
me at my on-line address listed at the end of the Contact Your Classmate section of this site.

Vicki (Woods) Deinema (added Jan 2006)

I have been living and loving the mountains in Colorado for over 20 years.  Working as a
Manager in a "Biker Bar" for a majority of my 17 years here in the mountains, has kept my life
quite interesting, to say the least. Unfortunatley, recently, with the sale of the bar, I have taken on
a much more stable job, with a 401K. Life is not as now a desk job, but the view is still "to die
for".  Life has been good to me, and the view is incredible!!

I would love to hear from all of my friends from the past.

Vicki Deinema
P. O. Box 4985
Breckenridge, CO 80424
Suzanne (Drake) Blanton

Hi - Gosh I wish I could have made it this year!!!!  Economic woes have hit all over.  Believe it
or not, I have not been back to New York since leaving in 1981 - I have kept in touch with an
aunt and uncle who have told about the changes in the Elmira area and have chosen live with my
memories of that great area!  I miss our cottage on Seneca lake where I spent most of my
summers growing up.

After HS I attended SUNY Geneseo for 2 years -  I then moved to Phoenix, AZ metro area
where my parents had retired to (older adult community of Sun City where my dad played golf 5
days a week even in 116 degree weather).  Sadly, both of parents have since passed away, dad
in '91 from alcoholic heart disease and mom in '94 from lung disease.  I have 1 sister that lives in
the Phoenix metro area, and my oldest sister moved from here to Austin, TX a few years ago
after her high school sweetheart husband tragically passed away.

After moving to AZ, I attended nursing school and graduated in '83 second in my class with an
associates degree, and went back  for my BSN graduated in '93, second in my class again.  I
have been working in nursing ever since.  I have worked in the ICU environment ( sicu,
CC/MICU for the busiest and best unit in the state as a staff nurse and assist nurse manager),
CVICU (open hearts - that is my passion), staffing agency where I worked in hospitals all over
the valley, case manager, utilization review - both inpatient and for a home health company).

I met my husband, Tom, while working in the retirement community's hospital.  We eventually
married in 1996.  I have 2 great stepsons, Josh 26 - he is working in Hawaii for Jimmy Buffet's
Margarita World Bar as a bartender and trainer, and Scottie 24 - who found his nitch with a
company called One Step Up working with developely challenged high schoolers and young
adults.  He is the program director and pursuing his special ed degree.   Both are out of house
now, but my husband views it as "they are only at camp, subject to return at any time!!!!!!0. My
husband has left patient care and is working as a Clinical Documentation Liaison - working with
the docs to improve their documentation skills for upfront Medicare reimbursement.  I am
presently not working due to health issues, but hope to return soon.

The Michael Jackson thing was a long walk thru memory lane for me.  I really miss everyone and
wish I could be there.  Plus, it is supposed to be 116 degrees here this weekend and our
humidity is up this time of year making it miserable!!!!!!!!!!!!