Anita Pirozzolo Underkofler and Alan Underkofler
Sheila Sonner and Amy Dulberg
Amy Dulberg and David Bartholomew
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Paul Black (Lisa) and Lisa Girmindl
Katherine Delaforterie
Gabe Hughes, Sierra Hughes, Kelly Hughes (Chip Hughes)and Dr. Sheila Cassidy (DJ
A full parking area at Kathy Kilcoyne's ranch for the picnic
X Evans, Jim Evans, Tammie Barrigar, Kelly Hughes, Anita Pirozzolo Underkofler and Alan
Underkofler (background)
Robin Newland (Virginie), Antoine Delaforterie, Virginie Delaforterie
Virginie Delaforterie reads the reunion book with the original cover drawing
from "Ted" Graham Sale
David Bartholomew and Myra Rosenberg
Betsy Bucher
Meg Valicenti Reed ('81), Marilyn Lynch, and Pam Price
Don and Pamela Claypool
Jim Pirozzolo, Mark Murphy, Jack Thorner, Fran Lucci, Joe Lewis
Phyzz tears through their set
Tammie Barrigar taking a picture of Virginie Delaforterie who's taking.....
Tom Ballou with his sons.
Chip Hughes, Kelly Hughes, Dr. Sheila Cassidy (DJ), DJ McLaughlin
Julie Hamlin Luther and John Luther
Kim Sergent