Guy Templar
Susan Gessi
Holly Hartman, Sheila Sonner, and Renee Updike
Jan and Bruce Stayments with Jon Kelafant and Betsy Bucher in the
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Debbie (Krauss) Kirk and her daughter
Brian Colburn (background), Julie (Hamlin) Luther, John Luther
Betsy Biroscak and Darryl Hall
Susan Harrigan and Betsy Bucher seem surprised by something ;o)
Elizabeth Cole
Mark Murphy
Betsy Bucher, Susan Harrigan, Marilyn Lynch
Pam Price and Betsy Bucher
The Reunion Cake!
Classmates catching Phyzz
Liz Bellinger, Robin Hall, and Myra Rosenberg
Carol Czimback (back facing), Betsy Cole, Stefani Rinde (back facing), Eileen McCarthy
Is Laurie Grosvenor remembering a joke Guy Templar and Darryl Hall played on
her in high school?
Amy Dulberg and Betsy Cole
Amy Dulberg and John Eustace