Virginie Delforterie
DJ McLaughlin and Jack Thorner
Fran Lucci, Chip Hughes, and  John Eustace
David Bartholomew
Darryl Hall and Brian Colburn
Eillen McCarthy, Joe Lewis, Mark Murphy, and Jack Thorner
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Tom Ballou and Laurie Grosvenor
Antoine Delforterie, Orlando Mustico, and Fran Lucci
Anita Piroozzolo and Husband Alan Underkofler
John Eustace, Katherine Delaforterie, Paul Glennon, Amy Dulberg Glennon
Marilyn Lynch and Susan Harrigan
Paul Black (guest of Lisa), Lisa Grimindl, Jim Reed, and Kelsey Reed
Meg Valicenti Reed ('81) and Joy Parker
Kelly Hughes (foreground), Tracy Evans, and Jim Evans
John Muller, Elizabeth (Bellinger) Muller,  Robin (Hall) Stewart and
Lauren Stewart
Phyzz starts their set!
My family enjoying the music - Margaret and Elisabeth Taylor
No this wasn't taken at Woodstock - Antoine Delaforterie enjoys the
intermittent sunshine.
Kathy Kilcoyne and Jim Fleer
Kathy Kilcoyne's pony gets a showing!