Assorted Pictures from 1978-1979
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Top 3 Are New
OK, another visit to the wayback machine. It's the 1969-70 school year at T.K.
Beecher elementary. I'll do the best I can. All left to right.
Row 1: Jim Nichols, Carmelita Fields, Harriet Heard, ?, Lisa McDonnell, ?
Row 2: Tim Taylor, ?, James Brooks, ?, Beth Ruger, Mary Beth Prechtl
Row 3: Mrs Krumroy, William McGee, ?, John Suida, Brenda Little, Barb Hoffman,
Bill Novakowski
Graduation night. Myra Rosenberg, Dawn Rehak, Lisa Girmindl, Cathy Vardakis
I don't remember any Greek dramas in 1978-79.........Must be a toga party.

Left to right: David Short, Jim Reed,  Andrew Streeter, Anne Augustitus, and Michael Hay
Enjoying hang gliding
Back row left to right: Andrew Streeter, Mary Mannix, Susan Harrigan, Pamela Price
Front row: Janet Nathenson and Jim Reed
(l to r facing) Patty Richardson, Bonnie Raniewicz, Pam Whitson, and Laurie Grosvenor
Deb Luevanos (scarf), Mark Van Atta
1976 - Kim Kinney, Wavalen Aronson, Barb Schmidt,
Melinda Steed
Wavalen Aronson, Becky Hobler, Betsy Cole,
Andy Hilfiger
Betsy Biroscak
Randy Samuels
This appears to be a rehearsal for a "pyramid." I'll leave individual ID's to the viewer
The next phase of the pyramid plan, which is about to........................
              ......collapse and result in serious bodily harm!
Greg Malanoski
Jim Pirozzolo and Betsy Klinger
Debbie Savino
From top left to right: Paul Colucci, Chris Hobler, Jeff Epstein, Mary Mannix, Jack Brill, Susan Stowell, Paul
Kingsbury, Mrs. Lucy Mae McCloud, Larry Albee, Angela Watkins, Robert Hess, Cynthia Thomas, Charles Smith,
Cora Myles, Karen Boynton, Bob Cain, Charles Nichols, Bev Schoonover, Darryl Hall, Nancy Federica, Guy Templar,
Claire Castellino, Russell Cody, Helen Odum, Paul Robbins.
Photos courtesy of Beverly Schoonover, Patty Richardson, Liz Bellinger, Jeff Bailey,  
Dawn Rehak, and Tim Taylor
Back to late 70's pictures
October 1975 party at Amy Dulburg's house. Front 4: David Bartholomew,
Nancy Tacka, Michelle Crew, Celia Pariso, 2nd Row: Debbie Allen, Dawn
Rehak. Amy Dulburg in back.
Lonnie Drake in class
November 1978 - Left to right, Tim Crout, Mike Cobb, Dan Kane, John Kane, Steve
Homerda, and Amy Lovell
Affectionately known as "Coach" to some of us, it's Brent Mitchell, who taught Earth
Science and coached track and cross country.
1977 Christmas Prom - Eileen Moran, Eric Olsen, Liz Bellinger, Paula Herrrick, and Pete Kenny